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The IEEE ITSS German Chapter is inviting everyone cordially to our 2022 IEEE Day Event. IEEE Day celebrates the first time in history when engineers worldwide gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. Meet colleagues and get up to date with technology and research within the ITS field.

Talk Abstract:

It is important to note when it comes to the sonic description of movement in space that our auditory system is more extensively equipped than our visual system. For example, our ears enable us to locate sounds from different directions at any time and regardless of which direction we are looking. In doing so, pitches, volumes, and a wide variety of sound qualities are assigned meaning that help us to react appropriately to our environment in a given situation. A roaring lion, a sudden very loud clap of thunder, the soft rattle of a rattlesnake will alert and elevate us in seconds, while the soft rustling of leaves or the bubbling of a river have a calming and decelerating effect.


Date: Wednesday, October 12th, 2022
Time: 17:00 – 18:00
Location: German International University in Berlin (GIU Berlin)
Am Borsigturm 162, 13507 Berlin


Mike von der Nahmer is a composer, sound researcher, music psychotherapist and music dramaturge. His American/German/Cuban heritage influences the questions of identity, complexity, and transcendent connection that shape his music. He has written over 30 works for stage and over 100 works for concert and film; many have received national/international awards and been performed around the world. Mike worked for companies such as GRAMMY, Kenwood, Sony BMG and BMW. He is currently doing his PhD at the German Aerospace Center, researching “Underscoring Aircraft Ballets – Sonifying Air Traffic Control Data to heighten Situational Awareness – A Composer’s Perspective. The center of his work is the search and creation of the sonification of the mind, his (utopian) idea and concept that might help us in the future to understand the complexities of the brain through an audible representation. Read full bio here.